jessisyourgirl (jessisyourgirl) wrote,

Call my name.. I'll be there.

I suppose your heart goes weary with time.
But it's still the strongest thing the world will ever know.

Love surpasses everything in this world. And faith.
Love and faith.
Not necessarily in a God, albeit that is a wonderful thing to have faith in, if you believe in it of course-
but a faith within yourself, for yourself- more than a hope, but a knowing that you'll get through it, that you'll one day rise above the hurt and the scars and the tears- and you'll be a better person for it.

I've never cried so much as I have in the past six months, I cry myself to sleep and particularly when I drive- the speed of the spinning wheels always pales in comparison to the pace of the thoughts running through my head on that hour long drive to Pomona. And those sheep jumping fences can't keep up with my reeling thoughts.. but the struggle is what makes us strong, and the pain is what keeps your heart beating.
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